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Wine is one of the fine simple pleasures of life. Nothing beats sitting down in the evening with a glass of wine, kicking your feet up and watching the sunset. Whether it's a deep dark red merlot or a light and fruity sweet chablis, Seattle wineries can provide you with a taste of many of the world's best wines.

Cities around Seattle include: Kirkland, Bellevue, Redmond, Renton, White Center, Mercer Island, and Federal Way. Then there is merlot, chablis, sauvignon, burgundy, zinfandel
Seattle Wine CellarsEach wine obtains its unique taste and body from the location it is grown in. Facotrs such as soil condition, sunlight, rain, seasonal climate conditions, and harvesting techniques all have an effect on the taste, sugar levels and quality of a good wine. A good wine begins with good grapes and good grapes come from an optimal weather season.

The grapes are then crushed into a mash and yeast convert the natural sugars in the grape into alcohol (fermentations). The grapes are pressed and the solid contents (stem, skins) are removed. For red wines the skins may be retained during fermentation. Sugar may also be added to increase the alcohol content.

A wine may then be matured (aged) in oak or stainless steel vats to bring out the unique flavors. How to long to age is a topic of great debate. Older wines bottles are often command a higher sale prices but may also obtain a vinegary taste. Most wine however is not aged, and even wine that is aged is rarely aged for long. In fact almost allwine is consumed within 5 years of creation.

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